Everybody’s eternal dilemma

My number one concern at this time is knowing whether I want to continue with my education or start discovering the work field on my own. I care about getting the highest education I can get, because ever since I was little, I dreamed about becoming a university professor as a part time job, while I mainly work on my own business.

Now in order for me to become a professor, I need to get a PhD, and for that I need a master’s degree, and before that a bachelor degree, so far I have only crossed the Bachelor degree off the list.  I am currently applying to universities in Europe; hopefully I’d get a response soon.

It is no secret that I care about making money as well, which is why I don’t think I can wait any longer to start doing something productive with my time. I have already tried working in the family business, but I love my father and I don’t want to kill him, because who am I kidding, this will happen eventually. My father happens to be a control freak, and I happen to be a control freak that rebels against other control freaks with sharp criticism. I know it breaks my father’s heart to know that I am not planning on working with him, and carrying on with the 50 years family legacy, but look at the bright side, now I know that I have no future in this country and narrowing my options to working on my own or continuing studying.

I really wish I was one of those guys who can juggle more than one ball at a time, but unfortunately I am the type who can barley hold one ball with two hands and concentrate on not dropping it while being distracted by the flying triangle or any other geometrical figure.


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