Desperately attached to NOTHING!

Is it just me, or does everybody else gets too emotionally attached to characters we watch in series or movies? And i don’t mean attached as in cheer for them to make till the end of the movie alive, NO! Attached in a sense where I would think to myself in certain situations about what would this character do if he/she was in my place. 

Now first there was Nancy from weeds, of course I started with the iced-cafe-latte and it was going well, until i decided i should try escaping trouble with sexual favors, NO I didn’t go THAT far, but i tried flirting my way out of some awkward situations and not surprisingly much, it didn’t work for me. 

Now the Dexter phase was more serious, i started to choose cities to live in where i can have an easy access to my yacht. Don’t worry, i didn’t move and i still live in the dessert. I had to have my “Slice of Life” yacht, imagining who would be lucky enough to make it to the victim’s table made my brother put an end to this phase “you should either come back to reality or seek help ASAP” he told me one day when I was explaining how much fun i’d have while sailing away in my “slice of life” to dispose of the body. So i had to postpone buying this yacht, for now.. 

Now I believe I am in the best stage of attachments. Lets be honest, who isn’t a huge fan of Game of thrones, so being attached to Jon snow is the least strange attachment of my previous ones, basically all i need to do is just “know nothing” and i already fill this requirement. 

I think this relationship will last for a long time. I just feel the resemblance between us and I know that even though we (Jon snow and I) know nothing, we managed to be with beautiful redheads. 


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