A man’s story with success

This post will not be as you might expect it to be. It is not my success story and how it happened because my story didn’t happen yet, at least this is what I hope. This post will be about the success of others, like friends and family, and my reaction to their stories.

– A friend of mine just got featured in an Italian graphic design magazine and less than 24 hours later, it was raining job opportunities. 

– A friend of mine got married to a doctor, she thought that her life would be busy with him taking her to their conferences and meetings, but one year into the marriage, it was the other way around, she became quite good at her job and she is traveling the world with conferences. 

– A cousin who is one year younger than I am, just finished his master’s degree, with 2 years work experience at NASA or something and has decided now that work is going well with a steady income and no debts to be payed, that now would be the good time to get married.

I can go on and on with success stories of people i know, working in Dubai, studying in New York, charity work in Africa, working on NGO’s in Afghanistan, helping Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey, fulfilling the life-time dream, etc…

Contrarily to what people might think, i don’t envy their success stories, i really do feel happy and proud of each and every single one of them. After all, they worked hard to be where they are right now and they deserve it. 

Now what i do feel towards their stories is sadness, misery, despair, grief, melancholy and many other negative feelings, and the reason for that is that my success story is taking too long to happen, even though i am working on it as much as i can but i guess some stories need more time than others.  


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