Another post about the disappointment of apartment hunting in Berlin

I went today to my first apartment viewing in Berlin.

I was so excited that i spent last night looking for fun activities to do in the area where this new apartment is, and for some weird reason, I thought that i will get it automatically, neglecting the fact about how competitive the market is.

The apartment is close to Warschawer Strasse, but the calmer part of it. The meeting was at 8.30, and living in Schoneberg now, it takes me more than 40 minutes to reach the apartment, first take the bus, then the U-bahn, then the strassen Bahn and finally a 3 minutes walk.

I arrived there at 8.15 and i was surprised to find 7 people waiting before me. I said to myself “it is a good thing i am wearing my expensive jacket, i will get this apartment for sure, look at these hippies”.

Five minutes passed and we became already 20 people, and then all of a sudden, there were about 4 people coming ever minute. it was 8.30, and we were more than 65 people waiting to view this one of a kind apartment.

At this point, i felt like my expensive jacket wouldn’t make any difference, and i lost hope of getting this apartment, because it is obviously a matter of luck, and i haven’t been able  to consider myself lucky lately ( this is sort of a lie, i know i am lucky bastard).

The apartment is really nice, 2 big rooms, a fitted kitchen, a small but nice bathroom, and even a tiny little balcony, and i have a soft spot for balconies. I’m hooked, i want this apartment no matter what it takes. I walk to the nice agent lady and i ask for an application with a wide smile of my face, convinced that if i smile and take the application with a positive energy then it for sure be mine soon. With my limited German skills – limited is an overstatement – is say “Eine Application Bitter”, the nice lady replies “ oh you are not German, sorry this application is only for people with WBC, have a nice day”…

Just like that, my dreams get shattered, the navy blue sofa bed that i was already shopping for in my head now has no place to stay warm at. The stolen street sign will go back to were it belongs, the streets. The collection of shots that i was planning to start collecting from every city i visit will have to wait before having a nice shelf for display. Just like that, my dreams got shattered.

Being the strong man that i’ve become during the past couple of years, i have decided not to lose hope and keep on looking. I will not go into details about every apartment that i have visited, but long story short, it is really hard to find an apartment if you are an unemployed student with no stable income and a none european nationality that guarantees that someone somewhere will be able to pay for your expenses incase you miss rent for a month.

I think it is time to start looking into WGs..